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  1. Kurtus says:

    People are using game like controls on a folding@home screensaver are
    tweaking minimal energy configurations to assist folding algorithms
    for proteins. People who are not trained in anything scientific, but
    who can easily see a hydrophobic group sticking out of a giver
    structure, suggest how to fold it better to the algorithm.

    See? Even neophytes are doing basic scientific research. Hell, I
    have even done a few galaxy classifications for Hubble surveys with
    galaxyzoo.org. Stuff like this is only the beginning. I say the
    ground floor of scientific research social crowd sourcing is wide open
    for its equivalent facebook to emerge. Its coming.

    There are even arguments that science is moving more towards a
    datamining principle and simulation style. Instead of people trying
    various mathematical models to explain data, computers are slogging
    through permutations of any conceivable model and testing them against reality. Like these new techniques, crowd sourcing is a game changer.

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