Indian corn

Ok, so I spent some time to plant some Indian corn the last few weekends. Its partly for the deer, but I thought I would try it too. So my friend Eric asked, ‘is that stuff edible’. And I immediately said, ‘of course it is’. Then while I was planting it, I notice that the package says ‘for ornamental use’, and I start to second guess myself. Is it edible? Why wouldnt it be. The Indians ate it, right?…. So I broke down and googled it. Yes, it is, but they’ve bred better corn since then that tastes better. And when you buy seeds, they might have been treated, with insecticide or fungicide, so you wouldn’t eat that – but whatever you grow should be fine. By the way the older corn has some genes called transposons. Natural genes that jump around – a sort of built in genetic engineering mechanism. Odd but true.


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2 Responses to Indian corn

  1. keen101 says:

    Yeah, it’s edible. Just be sure to pick it in the “early milk stage”, before the colors set in completely. I ate some of mine last year, and couldn’t tell the difference between it and sweet corn. But, again.. i picked it before it became starchy. 🙂

    Also, i dont think corn kernels should be fed to deer. Supposedly they cant digest it, at least in winter. It supposedly is like feeding them poison.

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