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You can make animals live longer in the lab

Oh, here is where Im storing articles about life extension research. Its all self explanatory, so no need to blog about it B^) There are several ways the make animals live longer in the lab. Lower temp, dietary restriction, drugs, … Continue reading

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Four leaf clover

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Indian corn

Ok, so I spent some time to plant some Indian corn the last few weekends. Its partly for the deer, but I thought I would try it too. So my friend Eric asked, ‘is that stuff edible’. And I immediately … Continue reading

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Sunday blahs

Indian corn for the deer. Flowers for the butterflies. Continue reading

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Here goes

I have no idea what Im doing, but how hard can it be? Isnt that like someones famous last words? Or was that ‘hey y’all, watch this’ ?

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Hello Atlanta. or whoever is listening.

Im not sure what this ‘hello world’ article is for exactly. Actually, Im not really sure what blogging is for. Im just writing down some things that Im doing. Im not sure why anyone else would care. Well, maybe if … Continue reading

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